Master of Arts in Psychology

Put Theory into Practice to Advance Social Change

Learn to apply cutting-edge psychological insights and develop socially responsible solutions to complex issues in your community.

This innovative degree prepares you for visionary professionalism in your chosen field, blending data-driven analysis and empirical research with a commitment to social justice. Align your studies even more closely with your professional passions by choosing an emphasis: Gender and Sexuality Studies, Crisis Management, Health and Wellness, or Child and Adolescent Development.

Program Highlights

Program Experience

Our unique M.A. curriculum fosters culturally competent practices within a framework of rigorously applied research. Working with expert faculty, students gain the knowledge and tools to take ethical and socially responsible action within organizations, groups and diverse communities.

All students complete their studies with a capstone or thesis that addresses a current or emerging social justice problem in the field.

Please note, this is not a licensure program.

Emphasis Options

Gender and Sexuality Studies

Gain deeper understanding of how gender and sexuality shape power dynamics in society and culture, and explore how gender and sexual minorities impact media, law, policy, and more.

Crisis Management

Develop leadership skills to ensure disaster recovery focuses on rebuilding community resilience for all. This emphasis equips you to advocate for marginalized and at-risk groups in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and as part of proactive disaster response planning.

Health and Wellness

Explore how social context impacts community health and well-being. Develop skills for analyzing systems changes that can contribute to sustainable policies and processes that improve psychological and physical health for all members of a community, including traditionally underserved populations.

Child and Adolescent Development

Give young people the support they need for a better start in life with skills for marshalling resources and networks to connect them to their communities. This emphasis explores child and youth development, the impact of social structures, and real-world social justice problems facing young people in marginalized communities.


The Master of Arts in Psychology is a 35 credit-hour program, including a minimum of 3 credits toward a thesis or capstone. Successful completion of this program includes the following coursework:

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Graduating socially responsible practitioners, engaging communities, and advancing social justice.

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